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Elite Energy LLC, is a private Energy Company engaged in the development of business ventures worldwide focusing on trading projects including JP54, JA-1, Jet Fuel, Virgin D6, D2 Diesel Fuel, LNG, MAZUT, LPG, Rebco, Crude Oil and Gasoline. Our network of oil and gas companies makes us an international all-round coordinator for trading and investment projects in the trading industry.

Our directors and founders are committed to providing our Customers, the easiest access to their petroleum product requirements and to support their business growth and success. We bring our most advanced and current knowledge, processes and technical support, to enable us to achieve these goals.

Elite Energy LLC is an energetic US company founded by executives with international experience, specializing in sourcing, coordinating and closing commercial transactions in various Refined Products and Crude Oil, as well as providing innovative solutions that enable our Customers to overcome obstacles that so far have prevented them from accomplishing their goals and achievements.

Elite Energy LLC is committed to bringing the knowledge and resources necessary for those wishing to truly succeed.

Elite Energy LLC is focused on maintaining strong client relationships with end users, traders, producers and government entities. The Companies primary focus is in physical commodities – participating in all parts of the commercialization from financing, trading, and logistics.

As you will appreciate, this is a very difficult area to be established in and it has taken us a few years to make our mark in the business.  At all times we retain our offshore status and the confidentiality of our clients and majors with whom we sell our product to in the market.  The cost of fuels and the guarantees are very expensive and we only deal with ready buyers or sellers whilst at the same time, seeing the financial returns for their investments.

Exporting Services

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Exporting Facts

Elite Energy provides direct access to resellers and supplies of competitively priced aviation jet fuel such as Jet A1 and TS-1 aviation jet fuel for the world market based upon CIF ASWP, major buyer CI Dip & Pay and FOB Rotterdam and Primordial procedures. We currently do not work with broker chains but deal directly with the buyers and sellers.
When a buyer receives a JP54 offer claiming to be Russian origin it shows two things; 1, the presenting party / broker doesn’t have a clue of what they are talking about and the petroleum products buyer should run away 2, the offer is a scam. JP54 is not and has never been produced in Russia. Jet 54 produced in Sinafalls under a Jet A specification a less sought after aviation jet fuel vs the more preferred Jet A1 or TS-1 (GOST 10277-86).
Elite Energy is in the commodity markets representing title holders and direct sellers of wholesale petroleum products such as bulk D2 Diesel CIF Rotterdam end buyers of bulk wholesale D2 diesel worldwide.
With our ongoing reputation and integrity, we are pleased to have secured direct communications and representation of wholesale D2 diesel CIF Rotterdam suppliers, buyers and official mandates, offering a secure and transparent position for the acquisition of D2 diesel.

We offer real D2 diesel petroleum through our verified and performing low sulfur D2 diesel suppliers and provide accurate information on pricing, terms and availability. This not only provides confidence for the buyer removing large chains of brokers or intermediaries, it also provides a one point of contact with the advantage to negotiate directly through us with the engagement of the end buyer and seller directly to finalize and secure the transaction in an expedited time-frame.

Exporting News

Is the oil crash over?

Investors around the world freaked out when oil prices plummeted to a 13-year low of $26.05 a barrel on February 11. But as of Tuesday they have climbed back to $34.40 a barrel, marking an incredible 32% spike in the span of just 12 trading days.

Fuels Facts

What is diesel fuel? - A mixture of hydrocarbons for use as a heavy-duty truck (compression ignition engine) fuel. Key properties include aromatic content, cetane number/index, distillation temperatures, and sulfur content. Highway, off-road or nonroad (i.e. farm and construction), railroad and marine are types of diesel fuel. What is jet fuel? - A mixture of…

Fact Sheet – Leaded Aviation Fuel and the Environment

Aircraft operating on leaded aviation gasoline (avgas) are used for many critical purposes, including business and personal travel, instructional flying, aerial surveys, agriculture, firefighting, law enforcement, medical emergencies, and express freight.
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