U.S. refiners are selling more fuel abroad than ever before, effectively exporting the American energy boom to the four corners of the world. As crude production soars in places like the Eagle Ford shale formation in Texas, U.S. refiners along the Gulf Coast are increasingly using local oil, which is less expensive than the North Sea crude that European refiners use.

analysisElite Energy provides direct access to performing JP54 aviation jet fuel suppliers and resellers based upon FOB Rotterdam procedures. Elite Energy uses its global JP54 (Jet 54, Jet A, Jet A1 and TS-1) aviation jet fuel supplier market knowledge and logistics experience to optimize our supply chains and service our aviation jet fuel JP54 customers and resellers around the world.

Elite Energy sources aviation jet fuel products such as Jet 54/JP54, Jet A, Jet A1 and TS-1 from direct suppliers and resellers such as private companies, production companies, oil majors and refineries worldwide. We work with small to large scale aviation jet fuel producers with the marketing expertise to help distribute their aviation jet fuel production globally.

Elite Energy has grown rapidly by consistently providing leading-edge suppliers and quality of services in the JP54 aviation jet fuel Rotterdam market. Our business transparency strengthens the connections between JP54 jet fuel suppliers, resellers and end-users globally.

Our customers need a reliable aviation jet fuel trading partner that offers high-quality, comprehensive services and precise, tailored delivery – on time every time. We have built an organization, a structure and a culture that can achieve that anywhere in the world.

Elite Energy operates primarily as physical traders in the aviation jet fuel (Jet 54, Jet A, Jet A1 and TS-1) industry. We source aviation jet fuel (Jet 54, Jet A, Jet A1 and TS-1) from a variety of private companies, production companies, oil majors and state-owned oil companies that have verifiable supply of aviation jet fuel (Jet 54, Jet A, Jet A1 and TS-1).

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In July, U.S. refiners shipped a record 3.8 million barrels of products a day to places as far flung as Africa and the Middle East, according to the latest monthly data from the Energy Information Administration. That volume is nearly 65% above the 2010 export level, when the U.S. oil boom was still in its infancy.