Organic Natural Resource Export and Import Solutions

We Have a Social Responsibility:

Wherever we operate in the world, we are typically engaged in an ongoing dialogue with our communities. Engaging the communities where we operate and maintaining strong, positive relationships with our stakeholders is a cornerstone of Elite Energy’s approach to corporate responsibility.
For Elite Energy community engagement embraces a wide range of activities from stakeholder mapping to consulting with neighbors who are, or may be, affected by our operations; from community outreach to identifying opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships; and from building local economic capacity to supporting projects aimed at developing social infrastructure.

We believe that meaningful engagement is not possible using a one-size-fits-all approach. In some locations, our operations exist in close proximity to thriving communities. In others, our operations are very remote and we are effectively the only local employer or one of the few significant employers in the region.

Over the past decade, the management and engineering team of Jepko Solar combined with Elite Energy team has undertaken exhaustive research in the development of Eco-friendly mining technologies and sustainable energy solutions for the mining industry. We have successfully branded Elite Energy as an innovative “green” based company that is positioned to change the public perception of mining.

Our initiative to explore and develop sustainable energy solutions such as fuel cell and biofuel research, green mining advocacy, and complete mining engineering services for North, Central and South America. Elite Energy firm is well-positioned to execute its business expansion strategy of direct representation and sourcing of high value commodities such as petroleum, gold bullion and dore, base metals and uncut rough diamonds. The global network Elite Energy had developed supported marketing high value commodities globally.
The similarities associated with marketing metals, minerals, and petroleum products afforded Elite Energy an accelerated market position and the core skill set of the company was able to be leveraged for the true benefit of our buyers’ and the supply chains we work with daily. Our standing philosophy of “Transparency, Reputation, Availability, Directness and Ethics” (T-R-A-D-E) has been a way of life for our company. Importantly, this philosophy starts at the top. The commodities industry is riddled with fraud and misrepresentation. It is our mission to provide real, verifiable and performing supply chains of the high-value assets we directly supply or represent.

Given the global scope of our business, we recognize the need to be flexible and sensitive to local conditions and populations in engaging our communities and investing in socially-focused initiatives. Yet, despite the local differences we may encounter, our principles remain the same: namely to engage stakeholders in a spirit of transparency and good faith, and provide lasting benefits to the communities where we work by supporting sustainable initiatives to develop their social, economic, and institutional fabric.
We conduct all of our activities in accordance with accepted standards in terms of the protection and promotion of human rights. We respect the cultural and historical perspectives and rights of those affected by our operations, in particular indigenous people.

We provide lasting benefits to the communities where we work by supporting sustainable initiatives to develop their social, economic, and institutional fabric. We recognize that every community is unique and work with our community partners to ensure that our support matches their priorities.
Support from the communities in which we operate is critical to our company success. Throughout our operations from the earliest exploration activity through closure we strive to engage and consult with communities and governments that host our operations and other stakeholders with respect and transparency.